What we do

ControlPoint helps utilities and contractors to improve the long term performance of their assets by eliminating poor installation on their pipelines.

How we do it

ControlPoint’s system involves a unique combination of technology, data collection, remote live inspection, data analysis, testing and onsite services.

Our Guarantee

We’re so confident our system works that we’ve put a guarantee on it. Ask us how we can guarantee the quality of installation on your pipelines…


The Next Step In ControlPoint’s Site Support Capability

Today, ControlPoint have received delivery of their brand new Customer Support Vehicle from Perry’s Ford...

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With over 850 exhibitors and 21,000 delegates from 140 countries expected to attend, Aquatech is...

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“The Bead Diagnostic Instrument has proven itself to be far more than a standard data capture device. We have been very impressed at the simplicity with which it provides an immediate, definitive pass/fail result on the quality of our welds, without the need for destructive testing.”

– Tim O’Donoghue, Site Agent at Barhale


View our video below to how ControlPoint helps customers build better pipelines.