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    JointManager & App Update December 2015

    Our latest JointManager features will help you access and analyse your data more easily. We have also added additional data to the joint record to give you even more in-depth information on your operators and pipeline.

    Accessing Alerts Via Your Mobile

    You can now access alerts via your mobile and confirm joints quickly and easily. This is available for all clients in the UK and works on e-mail and SMS.
    Each JointManager subscriber must be enabled for this feature – please request this from your ControlPoint Account Manager.

    Each alert you receive will have a special link on it:

    Alert on mobile with link

    Simply tap or click on the link provided and it will take you to a special website

    Linked page from alert mobile Mobile alert screen

    Confirm the joint using the website.

    Please note:
    • Each link to each user has a 24 hour expiration date
    • Only one user can confirm the joint, after which the website becomes “read only”


    JointManager Analysis Tools

    Analysis Screen Legend

    By popular request the graph that is generated on the analysis page no longer has a legend / key. Instead, the actual names and values are rendered at the end of each segment.

    Screen legend

    Dashboard Graphs

    You can choose to have the dashboard widget legends on or off via the Display Options. Simply go to Display Options / General and toggle the appropriate setting. This is handy if you have many complicated dashboard widgets that take up a lot of space and the legend only gets in the way.

    Dashboard graphs

    Control Box Specific Fields

    You can now analyse specific fields depending on what control box you select on the analysis screen. For example, if you filter by QBOX, you will see some specific electrofusion filters that the QBOX contains.

    Control box specific fields

    New Information Available On The Joint Record

    Joint Timeline

    The joint record now has a timeline tab at the end and details the time line of the joint from its upload time.

    Joint timeline

    Operator Tab and EUSR Integration

    The welder tab on the joint record in JointManager now presents all available welder-related information, including:

    • Standard BlueBox Welder profile info
    • If a welder has a valid EUSR number associated against their login then any welds they do will include their EUSR training information.
    • ISO12176-3 info (where applicable)

    Operator tab on JointManager

    Power Profile Live

    This tab will only become visible on the joint record when:

    • The record is from an electrofusion joint
    • The machine used to weld the joint records the input / output power profile

    Below is an example of a power profile on the joint record

    Power profile tab on JointManager
    If you would like training or support on the new features, please contact our support team at or call us on +44 (0) 1246 262080.

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