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    About Us

    ControlPoint was developed in 2010 as the answer to a growing industry problem.

    Polyethylene pipeline failures were on the increase, costing millions and giving the industry a bad reputation. Research showed that over 90% of joint failures were caused by poor pipe preparation before welding. Despite comprehensive industry standards, onsite practices were not delivering the standard of installation required to guarantee a safe, leak-free network.

    ControlPoint’s unique, industry-leading system is now central to the management of PE pipelines in the water and gas industries.

    However, we’ve now expanded beyond our PE pipeline roots to apply the same quality assurance methodology to other assets and industries worldwide.

    How we do it

    Our customers can select the elements of the service they require. However, when used together, the resulting improvement in quality demonstrates that ControlPoint is a robust solution far greater than the sum of its individual parts.

    You're in good company

      "The Bead Diagnostic Instrument has proven itself to be far more than a standard data capture device."

      Tim O’Donoghue, Site Agent at Barhale

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