About Us

What is ControlPoint?

ControlPoint is a quality assurance system that combines technology and expertise to ensure pipelines are built right first time, every time.

The system involves clever software and real time inspection of electrofusion joints at the point of installation, giving managers and supervisors the chance to prevent poor joints being installed on the network – ensuring pipelines are leak free.


ControlPoint was developed as the answer to a growing industry problem…

Polyethylene pipeline failures were on the increase and giving the industry a bad reputation.

When the failures were analysed the research showed that over 90% of joint failures were caused by poor pipe preparation before welding:

• Not scraping the weld zones properly
• Introducing contamination into the weld zone
• Not clamping the pipes properly

Despite comprehensive industry standards, actual onsite practices were not delivering the standard of installation that guarantees a safe, leak-free network.

ControlPoint, initially a division of the Fusion Group, was developed by Chairman Eric Bridgstock to close that gap between expected compliance and what really happens on site.

Through a combination of clever technology, data capture, joint inspection, testing, training, reporting and on-site support, ControlPoint has introduced a step change in quality control.

And, through partnering with like-minded innovators and thought leaders, ControlPoint continues to develop new products to help the industry maintain polyethylene’s reputation as the best material for pipelines.