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    Another day, another electrofusion ban?

    Electrofusion is enjoying the spotlight in this quarter’s Institute of Water Journal.IOW

    In addition to our own challenge and the launch of our electrofusion guarantee, the Plastic Pipes Group of the British Plastics Federation is keen to make the case for electrofusion in the wake of yet another ban.

    In their article, supported by prominent manufacturers Radius, DuraFuse, Fusion, GPS and Georg Fischer, the Group cautions a knee-jerk response to pipe failure.

    Why is it that a technology that is used so successfully on a world scale should have such a reputation amongst select UK water companies that they consider it should be banned?

    Plastic Pipes Group of the British Plastics Federation

    We agree.  Well, we would, but we have the data and the experience to prove that it isn’t the materials that are the problem.  The real problem is the installation and how utilities grasp that particular nettle.

    The debate goes on.

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