The faster way to capture joint data

Capturing good quality photos of joints is essential to managing the quality of welding onsite.

BlueBox, developed by ControlPoint helps operators take better photos and integrates seamlessly with smartphones on site.

Using easy to download apps and simple bluetooth connectivity, BlueBox helps operators to take more photos (up to four for each weld) in a higher resolution using the camera on their smartphone. The app delivers the photos and all the joint data faster than ever to ControlPoint’s JointManager website.

BlueBox is compatible with iOS, Windows Mobile and Android and can be downloaded simply and quickly.

The BlueBox system is easy to use and delivers benefits for both the operator and the asset owner:

  • Ultra-fast and reliable 3G/4G connection
  • Highly accurate GPS signal for more precise joint locations
  • High resolution images
  • Multiple photo capture
  • Barcode compatible
  • Simple integration with main electrofusion box manufacturers
  • Low maintenance
  • Appeals to smartphone users
  • App-based joint management enabling quick and easy monitoring of joints

Using the BlueBox App With Your Smartphone:

Download the BlueBox Operator Guide:

BlueBox Operator Guide For Windows Phone
953 Downloads Size: 603.5 KiB