BlueBox Infra

BlueBox Infra is ControlPoint’s latest innovation to be added to its portfolio of tools and services for the utility installer and asset owner alike.

The BlueBox Infra App captures all installation data

The BlueBox Infra App captures all installation data

Now in several active field trials, the new BlueBox Infra app involves the simple use of a smartphone and an easy-to-use app. The app helps the installer to capture on-site information for a range of underground asset types including valves, PECATs and hydrants.

Working through a series of drop down menus, which have been developed through collaboration with utility teams, the installer can capture key information at the point of installation, including:
• QR and barcodes
• Serial numbers
• Photographs to show wrapping, pressure testing and other processes
• Manufacturer and material details for full traceability
• GPS location
• Date, time and operator details

The information collected provides invaluable, real-time data that can be used in your business to improve asset life and reduce risk.

Want to know more – contact us or view our training video below.

BlueBox Infra - Easy Infrastructure Tracking