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    Dealing in Data Intelligently

    Data is a big deal these days.  Every large organisation is scrutinising its ability to collect, store and analyse key metrics to help improve performance.  The utilities are no different.

    ControlPoint was created on the principle of using existing welding data in a better, more proactive way.  We evolved our products and services to help utilities and contractors use their data intelligently to inspect, inform and improve.

    But the unique way we help operators onsite collect data via BlueBox and then store and analyse that data through our JointManager website, is something even we take for granted.

    The live data we see streaming in from sites across the globe on a daily basis could be considered one of the largest, most dynamic research projects in pipe installation worldwide.

    The numbers are impressive:
    • Over 500 active welders sending through live data
    • Over 1000 joints uploaded from water, gas and multi-utility sites every day
    • Over 1 million joints inspected in real time
    • Over 200 supervisors receiving alerts to issues identified onsite (and take corrective action before the joint is buried)

    ControlPoint is using this live joint data uploaded by clients to analyse welding trends, installation issues and emerging techniques and, more importantly, to change the way operators weld onsite.

    Ultimately, this intelligence gives utilities and contractors the evidence to manage their quality control and continually track improvement.

    Since collaborating with ControlPoint, one of the UK’s largest water utilities has increased the quality of their polyethylene pipeline installation from 37% to 83%, and that percentage continues to rise steadily.  This isn’t a one-off.  Other ControlPoint customers are experiencing siginificant improvements and are able to measure this through live data analysis.

    If you’d like to know more about how we can help you optimise your data, give us a call or email us.

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