Easier Way to Track Utility Infrastructure

Easier Way to Track Utility Infrastructure

By In ControlPoint On October 1, 2015

Is searching for all your valve, PECAT or hydrant data like looking for a needle in a haystack?

Do you know who installed it?  Did they do it correctly?

BlueBox Infra, ControlPoint’s latest innovation in asset management, is just the tool for utility installers and asset owners who need better control of their underground infrastructure.

The BlueBox Infra App captures all installation data

The BlueBox Infra App captures all installation data

Now in several active field trials, the new BlueBox Infra app allows the simple use of a smartphone to capture key asset information for a range of underground asset types, from valves to PECATs on to hydrants and more.

The easy-to-use smartphone app allows you to capture key information at the point of installation, including scanning QR and barcodes for the serial number, taking images to show wrapping and site information plus a multitude of other options. This all gets sent to JointManager, ControlPoint’s secure website, in real-time, where any issues can be alerted immediately by SMS and e-mail.

All the information is easy to access and analyse and can be used in your business to improve asset life and reduce risk.

You can see how easy it is to use by viewing the BlueBox Infra training video here.

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