We have a range of products specifically developed to improve electrofusion welding practices.



BlueBox is used on-site by operators and site managers to record preparative work on joint assemblies. The system comprises of an easily downloadable mobile application which works in conjunction with your ControlPoint-Enabled electrofusion box.


We work with all major electrofusion box manufacturers to ensure their boxes are either ControlPoint-Enabled at the point of manufacture or can be retro-fitted to ensure compatibility with the Bluebox system.


Using bluetooth connectivity, the electrofusion box is paired with a smartphone device using the BlueBox app. Operators are guided through the user-friendly process on both the control box display screen and the app.


The app, which is available for any Android or Apple mobile device, records joint data such as operator details, photographs of the assembly, location, weld specifics, materials used and associated project references.


Through the BlueBox app and the GPRS connection on the smartphone device, all data is instantly sent to ControlPoint’s JointManager website; a secure and easily accessible online storage facility.

Together with ControlPoint’s onsite services and training packages, BlueBox ensures improved joint quality, fewer leaks, fewer costly reinstatements and a better trained, more knowledgeable workforce.

Key benefits

Easy-to-use mobile application.

Proven to improve electrofusion joint quality.

Integrated with all electrofusion welding boxes.

Allows for real-time inspection of joint assembly quality.

Data pushed instantly to our JointManager website for full control over your assets.

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