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    JointManager goes Multi Utility


    ControlPoint continues to lead the asset management agenda in the utility industry with an imminent update of its JointManager web portal.

    With over 8,000,000 butt fusion and electrofusion joints already stored and managed safely in JointManager the release of the BlueBox Infra and BlueBox Power apps has opened up the power of JointManager to a true Multi Utility agenda. Whether a gas valve, pressure test, sheath test on an electric cable or a service cut-out inside a property – ControlPoint customers can now view and manage all of their assets and key data in one place – welcome to the new Multi Utility enabled JointManager!

    The release scheduled for later this week will allow users unrivalled access and flexibility when it comes to viewing their asset data. Want to see all your assets on one map view with easy to identify icons, see the electrofusion fitting that connects to that PE tailed valve, the sheath test associated with your 33 kV main joint and much more?

    Then ask ControlPoint how to enable your JointManager login with these new features.

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