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    June 2015 Updates

    The latest JointManager features will help you access your data more easily:  To access the How To guide on each feature, click on the title or go to our Download & Resources page.


    We’ve added dashboards allow you to quickly see an overview of your joint data in lots of different ways. You can add as many dashboards as you require to your account and every dashboard is fully interactive.


    • Returns tab in the Joint Record view is superseded by a new cut-out / abandonment process
    • Simpler more direct questions introduced
    • Wording on the Analysis has been improved
    • New quick access folders

    Improvement to Joint Record tab

    The JointRecord PDF document has been updated to improve compatibility when viewing with various different browsers. The core functionality remains exactly the same.

    Analyse expansion

    As part of our ongoing improvement and commitment to make data more accessible, it is now possible to select the machine type within the analyse feature which will then allow access to machine specific properties. Using the ‘All Machines’ option will provide the same functionality that is currently available.

    Alert changes

    The alert text messages and emails have been updated to include more relevant information.


    If you would like training or support on the new features, please contact our support team at or call us on +44 (0) 1246 262080.


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