Laboratory testing

Whether onsite or in our custom-built, in-house laboratory, ControlPoint can offer testing of electrofusion and butt fusion. All tests are created and undertaken in accordance with WIS 4-32-08 v4 (Jun 2016).


Butt Fusion

ISO 13953 - reduced section tensile test


ISO 13954 – peel test for couplers.

ISO 13955 – crush test for couplers or saddles.

ISO 13956 – decohesion test for saddles.

EN 12814-4 – double peel test for couplers.

Sheer test for couplers - not currently within standards

Review of fracture surfaces

Macro Analysis – ductile and Brittle detection.

Micro Analysis – analysis of any contamination etc. that may cause joint to fail.


Analytical techniques

Infrared analysis (FTIR) – used to identify contamination.

Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) – melting characteristics (melting temperature etc.), glass transition temperature and resistance to degradation of material.

Highlights of our laboratory testing support

All testing is conducted against current recognised standards and specifications including the following:

WIS 4-32-08

EN 12001

EN 12814-4

ISO 13953

ISO 13954

ISO 13955

ISO 13956

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