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Improving installation quality together

ControlPoint collaborates with manufacturers, distributors and pipeline specialists to deliver quality assurance to pipeline installation.

An independent approach to tackling quality issues within the pipeline industry has led to partnerships with leading manufacturers and distributors.

“We now offer a fully developed range of welding equipment for various industries in need of this quality assurance system and we look forward to making our own equipment with ControlPoint built in.”
– Graham Tannant, Advance Welding

Radius Plus

RadiusPLUS wanted a system that gathered all the data they needed to prove the joint integrity of their large diameter branch saddle installations. Read more…


ControlPoint technology can integrate easily with electrofusion hardware and is fitted as standard on leading manufacturers’ boxes.

Advance Welding

Caldervale Technology

Fusion Group




In a competitive market, ControlPoint enabled boxes help distributors stand out and ensure a continuous revenue stream long after their electrofusion box is sold.

Fusion Provida




Pipeline Specialists

ControlPoint works with specialists right across the pipeline industry to develop solutions to pipeline problems.

PE Weldright

Radius Plus