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    Pressure test data too? No problem.

    Customers who see a full demo of our JointManager website are usually blown away by its potential.

    I can store ALL my joint data on it?

    I can access ANY information on my pipeline, anytime I want?

    I can add key information, as long as it can be digitally communicated?

    Yes, yes and yes.

    In fact, even we don’t know its limits yet and every week we see new opportunities for optimising pipeline data.

    This week, for example, we’re trialling pressure test data. Acknowledging a common goal of reducing leakage, ControlPoint has been working with Ant Hire’s Pressure Testing division.

    Our methods are compatible with Ant Hire’s 10 Minute Test, designed for situations where a short test time is required. By sharing test data, our two companies will be able to build up an even more comprehensive picture of a pipe network, with pressure testing data fed directly into JointManager.

    A simple solution for customers who need all their information on one, easy-to-access website.

    If you think there is a way JointManager could help you optimise your pipeline data, talk to us.

    You're in good company

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