Remote inspection

We remotely inspect the incoming data and provide an independent assessment of the evidence presented, highlighting any non-conformances that are almost certain to reduce the expected design life of the asset.


We have a team of technical experts monitoring and scoring the preparation quality of every joint against standard industry criteria. When a joint has been scored, notifications are sent to site managers and operators, who can then act on any non-conformance prior to commissioning.

Highlights of remote inspection

Greater confidence in your assets – remote inspection provides confirmation of good joints and highlights non-conformant joints for remedial action to take place prior to commissioning.


Guaranteed asset performance – when we give a joint a 100% confidence score, and the operator has been trained by us, we can guarantee it for up to £5,000. Terms and conditions apply, please contact us for full details.


Independent, anonymous quality verification – contractors can evidence that their work is inspected by 3rd party industry professionals.

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