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    Data Capture

    Effective data capture is the first step on the road to real business transformation. It’s also a crucial component of ControlPoint’s unique quality assurance system.

    Operator training permissions – links to training databases can be used to ensure that only operators with valid and appropriate permissions can weld

    Project references – project references can be scanned / pushed into apps to ensure all data is correctly labelled

    Location – know the location of every component of every asset. GPS technology is moving fast and ControlPoint can help you keep up with the pace of change

    Integrated equipment data – ControlPoint’s BlueBox technology allows mobile devices to deliver increased control of data input and export from plant on site

    Installation quality – ControlPoint’s remote inspection team can carry out quality assessments on all asset installations, and feedback results / findings before the asset is buried / commissioned

    Materials & traceability – ensure the right specification of materials are being used for the right job, and record individual component level traceability information for each asset (invaluable for long term mapping purposes)

    Artificial intelligence – our AI team can now develop systems that provide immediate quality control at point of installation

    ERP / GIS information – drive data to site from your back office systems and then ensure that all site data is then automatically fed back into your mapping system



    Quality Assurance for Butt Fusion Welding

    Our Bead Diagnostic Instrument (BDI) gives you a definitive result on the quality of your butt fusion joints.

    The Bead Diagnostic Instrument (BDI) has been developed alongside the launch of new generation of bead removal tools to provide the installer with the ability to both easily remove butt fusion joint beads and subsequently test them in a repeatable and consistent manner. BDI is the first tool to provide a reliable and simple non-destructive test (NDT) for PE butt fusion joints.

    Unlike the industry recognised bend back test, which is difficult to execute on larger sizes and can only test the bead at intervals along its length, the BDI tests up to 95% of the bead. This delivers a controlled and recorded test which can be replicated easily and consistently on site.

    In the development of the BDI, over 450 butt fusion joints were assessed and over 4,000 individual tensile tests were conducted in accordance with WIS 4-32-08. The tests were on pipe ranging from 110mm to 1,000mm, using a range of contaminants including particulate/talc, hydrocarbon/grease and platelet/clay.

    There was a 100% correlation between the BDI assessment of the bead and the tensile test result conducted on the associated butt fusion joint. If the bead is good – the joint is good.


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    Ask us about our new SmartForm and SmartScan systems which use ControlPoint developed scanning software within our apps to effortlessly capture project data (SmartForms) and ISO standard compatible materials traceability and welding information (SmartScan).

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