ControlPoint’s technical team offers extensive, BSI-certified testing and failure analysis for all aspects of your pipeline

Whether onsite or in our custom-built laboratory, we can accommodate a wide array of testing services and will test to recognised industry standards.

  • Tensile test
  • Peel test
  • Double cantilever beam test
  • Decohesion (crush) test
  • Hydrostatic test (ramp to burst)

Standards and specifications

All testing is conducted against current recognised standards and specifications including the following:

  • WIS 4-32-08
  • EN12201
  • ISO 13953
  • ISO 13954
  • ISO 13955

Evaluation and reporting

Testing evaluation reportEach joint processed through ControlPoint is subject to full evaluation and detailed reporting, including diagnostic analysis and recommendations.

Service joint failure showing sand contamination burnt into the fracture surface

Do you need to test the quality of your butt fusion onsite?

Ask us about BDI – our new non-destructive test for butt fusion.


BSI Certification 9001 18001