Training Managers Is Important Too

Managers and supervisors also benefit from ControlPoint training sessions

Training Managers Is Important Too

By In ControlPoint On June 16, 2015

No two electrofusion training sessions at ControlPoint are ever the same.

Each group brings its own unique perspective to building perfect pipelines and, in between practical exercises, presentations, bacon sandwiches and an endless supply of tea, there is always room for healthy debate.

Today’s delegates – a keen team of managers and supervisors from Energetics Design and Build – were definitely up for the challenge of building a pipeline in realistic site conditions.

Energetics Design and Build, a fast growing and successful multi utility solutions provider, is already using the ControlPoint system to govern the quality of electrofusion welding on gas installations.

Gas Engineer and course delegate Tommy Gates believes the training will help to further champion the quality approach on site.

“It’s been good for supervisors to experience the same training their teams have,” he said. “The ControlPoint approach is clearly the future and we need to help our teams understand that it’s really a matter of getting back to basic principles.”

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