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    Training professionals – it’s what we do

    With all the focus on materials and jointing techniques, one of the most critical aspects of the perfect pipeline can often get overlooked: the person who physically builds that pipeline.

    At ControlPoint, we never underestimate on-site operators.  They are central to our business and have been instrumental in some of our key developments.

    slide_phoneTake BlueBox, for instance.  By working with operators on-site and listening to their feedback, we developed a better way of capturing the pre-weld photos using smartphones.

    Our training is another area where we really value their experience and have adapted what we do to create better, more relevant courses.

    Pipeline welders are professionals, with numerous tickets to their credit, so we make sure their time with us is not wasted.  Whether it’s for electrofusion or butt-fusion, our experienced team concentrate on practical, in-trench training which helps every welder to get the best out of our technology and build pipelines which can last beyond their guaranteed lifetime.

    Uniquely, we can also track the progress of each welder as soon as they’re back on site through our JointManager quality control system.

    No other training provider in the industry can do that.

    Which is why we are, understandably, very proud of the training we provide.

    And grateful to all the operators who have helped us develop courses for professionals.



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