ControlPoint Training Significantly Cuts Your Costs

One well-trained operator can save your company millions.

Operator A* from a water contractor attended a one day electrofusion training session at ControlPoint’s training facility in Chesterfield in November 2015.

The increase in the quality of his welding can be seen in the graph below. This tracks the electrofusion joints he has installed over a six month period against industry best practice.

Red joints indicate those that have been assessed to be less than 70% conformant with industry welding standards; blue joints are assessed as above 70% conformant.

Operator A training improvement graph

Improvement graph showing Operator A’s onsite improvement in electrofusion installation after ControlPoint training


In the months before training, less than 20% of his joints were assessed as conforming to industry best practice.

Within a week of ControlPoint training, his quality had improved to above 50% good (blue) and, within 3 months, over 90% of his electrofusion joints were assessed as good (blue).

Putting a value on that, his critically poor joints have dropped from an average of 37 per month to 6 per month.



If only 10% failed in the next ten years of service, and each joint costs the utility an average of £3,000 to repair, this improvement alone has saved his company approximately £1116000 over the next ten years.


*Individual’s details withheld to protect identity